Our Story 

Our story begun with a New Moon on the 11/11/2018 when us friends decided to camp out in a mountain cave for the night! 

This was not any night...  

It was an awakening activation portal, where we conceived the idea for the Surf Yoga Community. 

We realised that each of us represented an aspect of this SYC trinity, which we wanted to combine to create one inclusive offering.

Amazingly enough exactly 11 days later we hosted our first event. 

What motivated us and helped us realize that we were on the right track was the seamless effortlessness of putting it all together and the motivation and enthusiasm we felt to do it. 

We believe it is fundamental to be contributing to the world with our passion and this is what we embody in all that we do. 

We were supported by amazing people and brands who supported and gifted us most of the equipment we needed to run with our idea. 


And so it was and will always be,

Born from love,



Our Mission

We are SYC Experience. 


We facilitate a connection with Nature through hosting holistic events in natural spaces. 


Combining the Surf, Yoga & Community spirit, we offer you a conscious learning environment, as we explore & grow together.

We strive to create an enjoyable, quality and fulfilling experience, sharing with you our passion and simple philosophy to a healthy active lifestyle.


Being certified experts as well as experienced Lifeguards & facilitators we provide a professional and safe space to engage with Nature and explore our inner-self.


Join us for the Spirit of Adventure

Shane, Rox & Michael 

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