Seek Adventure 


14 June 2019 - 16 June 2019

Elands Bay, Western Cape 
South Africa 

Join our community weekend experience, embracing the arts of Surf, Yoga and Wellness in a dynamic interaction with Nature. 

We are set for adventure. Surfing great waves, practicing mindfulness through  Yoga, treating our bodies with wholesome nutrients and exploring the local area and surroundings. 

Come with and open mind, an open heart. And join us as we seek the spirit of adventure. 


1 person booking = R2200

2 person booking = R4000


Whats Included: 

- Accommodation (2 nights)

- Food (4 plant based meals) 

- 3 x Guided surf sessions 

- 3 x Guided Yoga sessions 

- Workshops and exploration of local area

- Earth Warrior Yoga mat to be used over the weekend  


Elands Bay 

Roughly 2.5 hours from Cape Town CBD we find the humble fishing village of Elands Bay.


More recently a popular surf destination with its long left hand point, the village itself has plenty to offer. 

The Verlorenvlei, home to 175 different bird species is a veritable birdwatchers treasure trove and rock art is found throughout the grand formations of the Provincial Heritage Site, Baboon Point.

Close by towns such as Lamberts Bay, Clanwilliam and Veldrift, are near enough to visit daily, and a meal at Muisboskerm is an essential West Coast experience.

Who For? 

This is a open to all LADIES with interest in Surf/Yoga/Wellness/A willingness to adventure. 

Whether you are learning to surf, nose riding, practicing handstands in Yoga or simply learning your Downward Dog, we would love to share this experience with you. 

***Not Included: 

- Surfboard & Wetsuit Rentals (Arrange prior) 

- Transport 

- Snacks outside of allocated meals 



Raw and wild, Elands Bay always seems to deliver on its Natural Beauty. Blessed with glowing sunsets and a playground for adventure. 

Our qualified and experienced surf guides will be there each step of the way. Sharing our learnings of the ocean and surfing, encouraging you to step into your own space of learning and understanding of the amazing feeling of Surfing! 

The Surf: 

Lets suit up and get in the water. 

Elands Bay is blessed with a long left hand running point break open for intermediate to advanced levels. Lower tides tends to be more steep and hollow, high tides smooth sailing for those long gentle easy rides. 

On the inside we find a long white sand beach with long white water foamies. Perfect for the Beach Bum beginners getting into their pop up techniques. 

Alternative surf spots along the coast such as Lambert's Bay, offers a unique spot called Yoyo's which is an A-frame peak open to most levels on the right conditions. 


The Yoga: 


Open Level Vinyasa
Focused on breath work and mindful movement.

Moving together with yoga helps us to connect to our body, breath and each other. It brings a sense of stillness and calm, both mentally and physically. It fills the body with energy to take us through the day. Creating space for new parts of ourselves to be explored. 


Yoga and surfing are a powerful combination. Yoga warms up all the right muscles you'll need on your board. It allows you to slow down and get in touch with your breath. Becoming fully present in the moment and finding an awareness of our body. Through the practice of yoga, surfing becomes even more enjoyable. Allowing us to move with ease in the water, truly experiencing the magic of the ocean. 

The Food: 

Our bodies need nourishment in so many ways. The food we eat gives us energy but also serves as a source of joy and community.


We offer vibrant, colourful and fresh meals through your trip. Our food aims to nourish your belly and warm your soul after an active day moving your body. 

In the spirit of cultivating compassion and community for all, we'll share 6 beautiful plant-based meals with the intention of bringing everyone together. All meals will be catered but we encourage co-creation and getting involved in the fun of cooking together.  


The SYC Team:

We are qualified and experienced in our particular fields and are passionate on sharing our idea of a healthy active lifestyle others.

Shane being a qualified ISA Level 3 Surf Coach, with many years of experience of surf coaching and local knowledge of the West Coast. 
Laura a qualified Yoga instructor and graduate from Sillwood school of cooking, excited to share her talents with others and creating a means of connection. 

Mikey an adventure man, with a big heart, bringing us all together through his knowledge of nature and personal connection. 


All together, we form one collective as the Surf Yoga Community.

We love to share our experience, talents and learnings with others. Adventuring to new areas and meeting new friends along the way.  

We would love to be able to share this with you, so please join us as we take on the Spirit of Adventure!

Surf Yoga Community 


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