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Now more than ever we feel the need to

be together. 

We see the importance of practice to

raise our health levels and vibration. 

We believe in community, activating the 

power of unity. 

We created this programme to support one another in our physical & spiritual growth.  

Building a network of likeminded individuals

who share the same perspective and ideals, 

aligning with our highest form and 

sharing the fun and pleasure life has to give us. 

We invite you to experience this healthy active lifestyle with us today. 

 What you receive 

  • Surf session with trained instructors

  • Guided yoga classes at the beach 

  • A motivating community experience 

  • Guidance & support inside and outside of class 

  • Access to unique offers from our sponsors  

  • Plus online content to keep you psyched 

 How it works 

- Subscribe to our programme 

- Contact us with your details  

- Choose how often you can join us 

- Check when and where we will be hosting our sessions (this may change and vary with conditions) Schedule

- Once paid and registered we will send you all information you will need to know to have an epic experience with us :) 

- Enjoy the journey 

Three surf sessions a month and yoga classes plus smoothies. 

Receive benefits from our brand sponsors plus info to our special gatherings 

  • 3x Yoga Classes

  • 3x Surf Sessions

    • ​R900

Five surf sessions a month and yoga classes plus smoothies. 

Receive benefits from our brand sponsors plus info to our special gatherings

  • 5x Yoga Classes 

  • 5x Surf Sessions 

    • R1200

Once a month surf lesson and yoga class plus smoothie. 

Receive benefits from our brand sponsors plus info to our special gatherings 

  • 1x Yoga Class 

  • 1x Surf Session 

    • R400

Subscription Programme 
Available from November 2020 
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